An illustration style

Datakeeper is a free consumer app that allows you to securely store all your data on your phone in a decentralized manner. Alongside a brand agency, we were responsible to translate the brand into product, create an illustration and motion style, create content design and develop the app.


What we did

illustration & animation
content creation
product design

The app makes it safe to exchange data while keeping the process transparent and quick in order to give clarity to all parties involved as soon as possible. Whether it concerns renting a car or providing a mortgage.
The app is designed with privacy as the main requirement, allowing you to securely retrieve personal data from the source. You then share this information with any company on your own terms. Every company has its own demands when it comes to the required customer data, which is why Datakeeper tailors each data request.
Along the side of a branding agency, I developing an illustration and motion style for Datakeeper’s identity. In close cooperation with our product design team, I was creating a set of approachable and easy-to-understand illustrations, icons and in app onboarding animations, that help to guide the user in pleasant way through the app.